In a time where everything is digitized, security has never been more prevalent. It’s imperative for businesses to adopt an approach that ensures their data is protected at all costs. Cloud security is the basic solution to solve this issue and it’s able to protect your whole networking infrastructure. But with Secure Access Service Edge, also known as SASE, your network security functions will be elevated to their utmost potential.

What Is SASE – Secure Access Service Edge?

Secure Access Service Edge – or SASE –  was a term coined by research company Gartner in their August 2019 report The Future of Network Security in the Cloud. In that research, Gartner forecasts that more than 40% of companies will look to adopt SASE by 2024, up from less than 1% in 2018.

SASE converges smart networking and security into a single, cloud-native offering. SASE combines software-defined wide-area networking, or SD-WAN, with heightened cloud security. It provides secure and consistent connectivity across all points of presence and extends to the edge of the network, including locations, users, clouds, and applications. With the implementation of SASE, it will increase efficiency, security, and scalability.

Gartner came up with the idea of SASE due to the increase in digitization of enterprises and the need for improved network security services that can cater to the rapid changes. SASE not only promises better security, but it also offers a seamless and personalized experience for all users. Netskope stresses that SASE is not a product a business can buy, but it is an approach to improve your digital experience and security. As technology advances, SASE can be adapted to follow the latest security updates most suitable for your users and network perimeter.


SASE Benefits

Some of the benefits of SASE are:

  • True end-to-end security – Rather than trying to secure each network segment and endpoint separately, SASE can deliver security features such as URL filtering, anti-malware, IPS, and firewalling into the underlying network infrastructure, permeating full-stack security to all edges, from sites to mobile devices and the Cloud.
  • Reduced and simplified costs – Traditional connectivity and security solutions have many moving parts that must be managed and paid for individually. SASE consolidates the costs and management into a single point, eliminating costs, whilst also reducing network complexity through abstraction of upgrades, patches, and network maintenance.  
  • Limitless scalability – Given its Cloud-based architecture, SASE can quickly deliver secure connectivity as a service, using providers such as Azure, AWS or GCP to configure network expansion within a couple of hours, rather than the usual weeks. This is due to SASE’s characteristic of global distribution which leverages existing infrastructure delivered as a service.  
  • Simplified management – SASE is easy to deploy and operate when delivered as a managed service by a single provider. This means that there is one contract, one point of contact, and one bill at the end of the month for everything connectivity or network security-related matters.
  • Zero Trust network access – ZTNA takes data protection and network security one step further. With a Zero Trust network access implemented in SASE, sensitive data is protected and access is only on a need-to-know basis.
  • Airtight network and security convergence – SASE reduced the complexity created by multiple edge appliances and cloud-based solutions while facilitating a more streamlined operational approach, providing more secure connectivity to an increasingly dispersed workforce

Telstra and VITG

VITG has been chosen by Telstra to develop a new, innovative Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) product designed to deliver a combined connectivity and security solution to organisations. By being chosen as Telstra’s first build partner, it recognizes VITG as a market leader in designing, deploying, and helping customers manage their networking and security needs. 

Using VeloCloud SD-WAN technology from VMware, the Telstra VITG solution provides organizations with end-to-end optimised application access for users, which enables reduced costs, high scalability, fast time to deployment, and simplified management. 

To enable next generation security capability across all users touchpoints, it also utilizes Palo Alto’s Prisma. Prisma ensures all users and applications are secure. Prisma Cloud is an industry leading comprehensive Cloud Native Security Platform. 

SASE as a Managed Service

Due to the Cloud-native architecture, Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) is delivered as an end-to-end managed service, shifting the design, deployment, and operational activities from the customer’s IT department to the SASE provider. While the in-house IT department needs to have high-level knowledge of the SASE technologies and how it works, low-level network configurations and troubleshooting are fully managed by the SASE providers, who are experts in the area.

As such, one of the most important decisions required when deploying a SASE solution is selecting a managed services provider that understands your challenges and requirements.

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