Virtual event: Microsoft Teams Calling

29 February 2024
11:00am – 12:00pm AEST

Join us for a special event with Access4’s Peter Eldon to explore Microsoft Teams as your phone system. Learn to maximise Teams for effective communication in your business. Register now for this valuable insight into enhancing connectivity and collaboration. Don’t miss out on transforming your communication tools!

Attendees can claim a free bill review with us, see how much you could save with a Teams Calling plan.

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What you’ll learn

A Deep Dive into Using Microsoft Teams as Your Comprehensive Phone System

Access4 Introduction

Get acquainted with Access4, a key player in enhancing Microsoft Teams for businesses.

Workplace Trends

Explore key trends reshaping today’s workplace communications.

Phone System Challenges

Understand common issues faced by business phone systems.

Microsoft Teams Success

Learn about the widespread success and adoption of Microsoft Teams.

Teams & Access4 Synergy

See how Microsoft Teams and Access4 platform enhance each other.

Enhancing Customer Experience

Strategies for advanced management and analytics to improve service.

Communication Continuity

Maintaining uninterrupted, high-quality communication in your business.