Keeping your business online and connected is vital to
ensuring the ongoing efficiency and productivity
of operations, while also preserving the
experience for your customers.

VITG’s network connectivity solutions can help you establish and maintain reliable
connections between your devices, systems, and networks across multiple
departments, offices, and locations.

We’ll help you achieve seamless communication, data transfer, and resource access
within your IT infrastructure to keep business continuously running at a high output –
regardless of demand.

Improve your speed,
security and service

capacity and

Accommodate growing data demands and resource-heavy applications with enhanced network capacity and bandwidth.

communication, collaboration and
customer Interaction

Facilitate smooth employee communication and collaboration and support seamless customer engagement through online channels, even during demand spikes.

Fast data
transfer &

Transfer and access critical information and resources efficiently.


Enjoy uninterrupted operations by minimising network risks.

security &

Ensure your security measures are customised and strong enough to protect data and comply with regulations.

What we deliver

Microsoft Teams Calling Provider
Unified Communications & Phone Systems

VITG Specialises in Microsoft Teams Calling and cloud based phone systems for businesses of all sizes. As well as large scale phone systems.

Internet Connectivity

Get access to reliable, fast internet connectivity for business. From setting up your network, to connecting NBN and Fibre, we’ve got you covered.

Networks and multiple offices

VITG can setup your in office network, wireless and connect your offices and remote workers, no matter where they are located.

SD Wan

Secure your business and increase your technology’s efficiency by utilising SD WAN. VITG can implement and manage SD WAN for your business.

businesses of
all sizes


With no need for upfront IT infrastructure investments, VITG solutions are cost-effective, scalable, secure and come with 24/7 customer support – enabling growth and flexibility for your business.


Our solutions are tailored to you, and work how you need them to – decreasing interruption, improving productivity, and reducing pressure on your IT team.


Our solutions are designed to handle the complex needs of large enterprises, offering seamless communication across locations, full integration with existing systems, and dedicated operational and compliance support.

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