Business Continuity
& Disaster Recovery

Protect your data and get back online fast with innovative backup and disaster recovery solutions and services

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery (BCDR) is
more than just a plan to recover from a disaster
– it’s a survival strategy for your business. The
strength of your BCDR solution will determine
how safe your data is and how quickly you can
access and recover your information in the event
of a disaster.

VITG provides comprehensive BCDR solutions to deliver a tailored approach that
ensures your business continuity plan matches your business needs. We work with you
to build organisational resilience and make sure you’re equipped to recover from any
IT disaster you may face.

No matter how complex your IT environment may be, we’ll ensure your business
continuity is simple, fast, reliable, and works when you need it to — at an instant’s

Be prepared for anything

With ongoing disruptions and increasing cyber threats, the limits of legacy backup processes are continually being stretched, putting businesses at increased risk. VITG deliver a comprehensive BCDR solution designed to mitigate the risks and consequences of a disaster.

Avoid expensive downtime

Not having access to essential applications and data has a direct impact on an organisation’s productivity and revenue. The right BCDR solution can drastically reduce the financial implications of disasters.

Avoid lengthy recovery processes

Backing up your critical data is simply not enough. VITG adopts a zero effort, evolutionary backup strategy, runs data backups as frequently as every 5 minutes, and can restore entire servers in minutes.

Identify hidden weaknesses

Good BCDR planning looks at the business as a whole. VITG delivers business impact analysis & risk assessments that can reveal operational weaknesses, while also maintaining compliance to mitigate any regulatory concerns.

VITG’s BCDR solutions and services

BCDR Solution

VITG’s approach to Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery is a robust, all-in-one solution that brings together state-of-the-art hardware, secure cloud storage and services to protect your business, reduce disaster costs and avoid system downtime.

Backed and complemented by our trusted managed IT services, VITG delivers a comprehensive backup, recovery and business continuity solution, that gets your business up and running instantly in the event of a disaster.

BCDR Testing &
Validation Services

Having a Business Continuity solution and a Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) is the first step, that should be supported by the right technology. These vital components of your IT disaster survival strategy need to be regularly monitored, maintained, tested and validated.

VITG provides this critical BCDR testing and validation component via our fully managed Business Continuity as a Service (BCaaS) offering. BCaaS incorporates regular validation and integrity checks of the ‘health’ and completeness of your backup environment. BCaaS also provides regular simulation and testing of both the Disaster Recovery Plan and the restoration processes of your data backups.

BCDR Consulting Services

With the steady upward trajectory of cyber-crime across the globe over the past few years (and no end in sight), a BCDR Plan is not only a necessity for any business today, but also absolutely mandatory.

VITG has a wealth of BCDR specific advisory services available as part of our broader Consulting Services portfolio including:

  • Security Reviews & Audits
  • Current State & Future State Technology Evaluations
  • BCDR Solution Architecture & Right-Sizing
  • Business Continuity Plan (BCP) and Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) Services.

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