Thousands of businesses across Australia are
making the move to cloud, wanting to embrace
bigger, better operational capabilities and reap
the many benefits cloud can offer.

But true cloud success requires more than just migration – it demands a strategic
approach encompassing migration, modernisation, and ongoing management.

VITG’s Cloud Managed Services offer the gateway to unprecedented flexibility, security,
and growth opportunities. Putting an end to the hassle of on-premise hardware
maintenance, our Cloud Managed Services empower you to embrace the very best of cloud.

We have deep expertise in Microsoft Azure, and can implement and manage your
business cloud throughout the transition of your cloud journey, including on-premise to
cloud migration, cloud to cloud migration, or application modernisation.

Experience the full business benefits
of cloud

Reduced costs

Reduce the risk of cyberattacks and the associated costs and/or reputation damage. Recover quickly in the event an attack does hit your business.

& scalability

Gain access to a team of experts with years of experience, understanding of the latest threats, access to the required tools and technologies and knowledge of compliance regulations.

security &

Managed well, cloud can revolutionise the security and reliability of your data, offering top-tier security features and a simplified and scalable way to store, process, and manage data.

Cloud to cloud migration

Your current cloud solution may not be the ideal fit. Our cloud-to-cloud migration optimises your system to a platform that’s efficient and cost-effective for your specific needs.

What we deliver

Cloud Advisory & Transformation Services

VITG specialises in aligning your digital transformation aspirations with actionable modernisation strategies. Elevate your cloud environment with precision through cloud strategy consultation, secure digital transformation, and expert-backed assessments. Experience tangible cost savings while achieving your business’s loftiest goals.

Cloud Security Services

Safeguarding your applications and data is paramount. VITG’s robust Cloud Security measures help to fortify your organisations assets against cyber threats, enabling you to benefit from cutting-edge user and device authentication, rigorous data and resource access control, and fortified data privacy protection.

Managed Cloud Desktop

Determine the most suitable cloud computing environment for your business to ensure optimal data processing, management and security. VITG delivers Managed Cloud Desktop solutions through Microsoft Azure, helping you to implement and manage business cloud in a way that suits you best.

businesses of
all sizes


Get expert support to move to the cloud with low upfront costs. Enjoy the improved efficiency, reduced risk, and ability to re-focus energy on your customers.


VITG can help you utilise cloud to build, innovate and grow revenue for your business. Benefit from the flexibility of adding tools and scaling features as needed to keep up with business growth.


Drive greater value from your cloud investment with support from VITG to modernise applications, launch new products and capabilities, and adopt the power of AI and machine learning.

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