Are you currently working from home? How is that going for you? We can hear some of you saying “oh it’s going great, I’m so productive”, while others are pleading to “get me back into the office asap”!

If you’re the latter, don’t worry! Working from home is an adapted skill and one that doesn’t always work for everyone. Our home environments are all different and many have extra little people running around trying to jump in on your video conferences and talk with your colleagues.

Luckily, there are a few measures you can put in place to try and make the experience as productive and enjoyable for everyone.

First tip, send all kids outside for the day. (Just kidding!)

More seriously, here are a few tips for better productivity when working from home that might actually help you.

  1. Dedicate a space that is just for you

We’ve all got access to laptops, tablets and smart phones and yes, we can pretty much work off all them. But which device is most productive for you and where are you using this device within the home? Often, all we need to increase productivity is to understand how we work best and do so in a dedicated space within the home. A space that is just for you. A space that is separate to others. If you have a dedicated office, great! If not, perhaps it’s a closed off room or if your home is quiet, it may well be the kitchen bench. Whichever your space, find it and dedicate it to you.

  • Plan your day

Ok, so not everyone loves to plan their day. But in the work from home environment, planning your ‘work time’ as compared to ‘home time’ can really ensure you make the most of your day. Often, we find when we allocate specific ‘work time’, we become very productive within this period. Give it a try and plan tomorrow.

  • Get headset up for success

Even when you’re working from home, there are many background noises that can be very distracting for you and others. Whether it be while you’re completing work or during a video conference: keyboard typing, traffic sounds, or noises from other household members (kids asking for their 10th meal of the day perhaps?), can interfere with your productivity. Not only do these noises interrupt you but they interrupt others you might be in a virtual meeting or on the phone with. Why not use a headset, preferably one with noise cancellation? Using this while trying to complete work or on a video conference can be very beneficial for productivity. When participating in a video conference, here’s a few additional tips for audio success.

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