Over the last few years, artificial intelligence has exploded in popularity. These programs have changed the way that people consume information, create content and revolutionised the way we we work. With apps like Microsoft Copilot, we can do a whole range of tasks much more simply that we ever have before.

What is Microsoft Copilot?

Used for Microsoft 365, Copilot is an AI-powered assistant that lets you increase your productivity across a whole range of apps, such as Word, PowerPoint, Outlook and Teams. The program is aimed at combatting digital overload and empowering you to work more productively and powerfully with the assistance of artificial intelligence. If you’re completely new to AI assistants – or you just want a refresher – here are some of the tasks that CoPilot can perform for you:

Simplify email threads

Is that huge email chain intimidating you, and you don’t want to waste valuable time having to trawl through every single message? With Copilot’s powerful summarisation feature, the dread of a long message thread is a thing of the past.  Using AI, Copilot will pick up the key points of the conversation, leaving you with a summary of the conversation. Even better, it will draft a range of suggested replies for you.

Content creation, crafted by Microsoft Copilot

If you want to stay competitive, content creation should be a vital part of your business. The problem is that it can be as time-consuming as it is valuable. That’s where Microsoft Copilot can make your 9-5 life easier. It can help you in drafting documents and will transform your writing with edits and structural tweaks on the fly. And that’s just the beginning. If you need to create a PowerPoint presentation, forget having to lay out endless slides. Instead, use Copilot to start a presentation with a single prompt. Most impressive is the way that Copilot can generate insights from data – it’s able to identify trends, create powerful visualisations and help you with recommendations.

Meetings, made easy

Meetings: love them or loathe them, they’re a part of modern business life. Copilot can’t quite go so far as to make them enjoyable, but it’s definitely adept at making them easier. This means that you can be more engaged, make more meaningful contributions and get more out of them. Once the meeting is over, the AI will generate a meeting recap with notes and action items. And if you happen to miss a meeting – as we all do from to time – Copilot can get updated on key takeaways, quick smart.

Work together as a team

Teamwork makes the dream work. And with CoPilot AI, working together gets a whole lot easier. By running alongside Microsoft 365 programs like Word, Teams, Outlook and PowerPoint, you can have your entire humming along and getting all the benefits of cutting-edge AI.

A fresh take on ideation

One of the key ways that people have been using AI is to aid them in generating ideas, concepts and thought-starters – and Copilot is especially effective in this area. You can kickstart and boost the ideation process by using the software to generate ideas based on the data prompts that you give it. Then add your own ideas in Whiteboard and have CoPilot summarise and collate everything into one neat package.

Next-gen features need next-gen security

As AI gets more advanced, more concerns are raised about the safety of any data you input into it. But that’s not an issue with CoPilot. With enterprise-grade security, privacy and compliance, you can be confident that your business’ data is protected when you’re using AI.

More productive, better quality

Now, all these promises sound great and make Copilot seem like an essential piece of software for any modern worker. But does it actually work? Well, according to a report, 70% of Copilot users found that they become more productive due to the software. But it’s not just about saving time and achieving more (although that’s definitely nice). 68% of those questioned also said that they noticed an improvement in the quality of their work.

Additionally, customers using Copilot have found that its ability to generate recaps with important notes and action items has streamlined their meeting processes, making them more effective and

What does this mean? Well, it seems that using CoPilot doesn’t just make you more productive, it also means that the work you’re doing will also improve. This effectiveness is evident across every aspect of your work and means that combining AI capabilities with human expertise will improve your business performance.

If you’re ready to embrace the future of AI and start using Microsoft Copilot, it’s available for Microsoft 365 across a range of plans.

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