Want to avoid the large upfront investment
required to update existing hardware and get
access to the latest technology? Maximise and
control your expenditure by using HaaS to lease
the hardware you need.

VITG’s HaaS offering allows you to access and utilise the hardware you need (including
servers, networking devices, and workstations) without the upfront costs or ongoing
maintenance responsibilities. We’ll take care of installation, updates, repairs, and
replacements so you can focus on core operations – knowing you’re always supported
by the latest technology at a predictable monthly cost.

Benefit from all the hardware with
none of the hard work

Access to the
latest tech

Enjoy regular hardware refreshes, allowing you to access cutting-edge hardware without the need to constantly purchase and upgrade equipment.

Cost Savings

Reduce financial strain and allocate resources more efficiently with no large upfront hardware investments.

Security & Compliance

Benefit from robust, built-in security measures like encryption and authentication, that ensure all equipment is secure and compliant.


Keep up-to-date with the latest technology trends and stay competitive by planning for upgrades and new technologies.

Maintenance, Management
& Support

Have all hardware maintenance, repairs and updates, taken care of by VITG – ensuring hardware is always functioning at its best and freeing up internal resources.

What we deliver

Hardware Management

Asset tracking, inventory management, and lifecycle management.

Hardware Procurement

Provisions of all necessary hardware components. Sourcing and procuring hardware from trusted vendors.

Security and Data Protection

Implementation of physical and data security measures.

Hardware Deployment

Installation, configuration, and integration of all hardware.

Scalability and Flexibility

Adjusting hardware resources based on changing needs.

Maintenance and Support

Ongoing hardware monitoring, updates, troubleshooting, and repairs.

Billing and Financial Management

Transparent billing and financial handling.

Technology Refresh

Regular replacement of aging hardware with newer models.

businesses of
all sizes


We can help you find tailored hardware solutions while achieving cost savings that stretch your budget further. We provide ongoing support and guidance on the best IT investments and hardware upgrades as your business grows.


Receive expert support to optimise your budget and resources, align investments to growth strategies, and manage potential risks -allowing you to focus on operations and growth.


On your behalf, we’ll source enterprise-level solutions from a broad range of certified vendors, coordinate and manage IT procurement across all sites, and manage life cycle across all assets to ensure organisational consistency, efficiency, and ROI.

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