IT Procurement

Discover the cost, efficiency and compliance
benefits that expert IT asset management can
deliver to your business

Remove the complexity of selecting, sourcing
and upgrading your hardware and software
solutions and discover more cost-effective,
efficient IT procurement.

Through our access to high quality, vendor-certified and validated assets, VITG can
confidently lead the sourcing and management of software and hardware, ensuring
they’re optimised to meet your business needs. From asset management, to licensing
and even financing options, VITG can assist with and simplify IT procurement – allowing
your internal teams to focus on higher value activities.

Benefit at every point
of the IT asset lifecycle

& knowledge

Receive guidance from a team with a deep understanding of technology and market trends, who stay up-to-date with the latest advancements, and can point you towards the most suitable solutions.

Cost Savings

Leverage existing vendor relationships to receive better prices and quick procurement, while reducing the costs of in-house procurement.


Ensure all IT purchases are compliant and receive expert advice on warranties, service level agreements, and other contractual terms.


Keep up-to-date with the latest technology trends and stay competitive by planning for upgrades and new technologies.


Help doesn’t stop at purchase – receive ongoing support, maintenance, and troubleshooting for your hardware and software.

What we deliver

IT Asset Management

VITG delivers end-to-end IT asset management, overseeing assets at every stage of the lifecycle. We provide warranty management, ensuring repairs and replacements are made effectively and efficiently within warranty periods. We also carry out strategic management for updates and replacements based on business needs and asset end-of-life, preventing unnecessary business disruptions or unexpected costs.

Software Licensing

Managing software licensing is critical for compliance, budgeting and organisational planning, but can be complex. VITG will keep track of your software licenses, reviewing the terms and conditions of software usage, ensuring you have the right number of licenses, and renewing them – ensuring you’re not at risk of non-compliance or overpaying for unnecessary licenses.

Hardware as a Service

VITG’s Hardware as a Service (HaaS) enables you to lease hardware on a subscription basis, removing the requirement of large upfront hardware investments or the need to maintain and upgrade hardware. We provide high quality IT hardware through HaaS, enabling you to turn an item of capital expenditure into an operational expense and better manage your IT budget.

businesses of
all sizes


We’ll provide you opportunities to access quality software and hardware at a reduced cost while saving time and resources by having a team of experts manage assets on your behalf. Access what you need, when you need, with room to change and grow.


We’ll help you simplify your IT procurement process, reduce compliance risks, provide strategic future planning that aligns with your growth plans, and enable budget optimisation and cost savings.


On your behalf, we’ll source enterprise-level solutions from a broad range of certified vendors, coordinate and manage IT procurement across all sites, and manage the lifecycle across all assets to ensure organisational consistency, efficiency, and ROI.

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