Virtual IT Group (VITG) has been chosen by Telstra as the MVP1 partner to help build and develop their new, innovative Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) solution, recognising VITG as a market leader in designing, deploying, and helping customers manage their networking and security needs.

ADAPT S1 converges smart networking and security into a single, cloud-native offering. It provides secure and consistent connectivity across all points of presence and extends to the edge of the network, including locations, users, public & private cloud, and applications.

Using Velocloud’s SD-WAN technology from VMware, ADAPT S1 provides organisations with end-to-end optimised application access for users, that enables reduced costs, high scalability, fast time to deployment, and simplified management.

To enable next generation security capability across all users’ touch points, ADAPT S1 solutions utilizes Palo Alto’s Prisma. Prisma ensures all users and applications are secure. Prisma Cloud is an industry leading comprehensive Cloud Native Security Platform.

VITG CEO, Daniel Garcia is a member of the Telstra Advisory Board and said partnering with Telstra to deliver ADAPT S1 is the company’s innovative response to combat the business challenges facing organisations today.

“Over the past 12 months we have seen a shift in the technology needs for many organizations. Many of our clients moved into remote working environments and with that came the need for cloud-delivered applications and updates to security infrastructure.

ADAPT S1 delivers exactly that, and we’re delighted to now offer Telstra’s Adapt S1 powered by VITG solution as a flexible, innovative business connectivity and security solution to customers”

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