With multiple people, processes, and systems in
business, it can be hard to keep an eye on it all –
and that’s when threats sneak through the gaps.

A Security Operations Centre (SOC) centralises security efforts by creating a single
point where all security events from across your organisation’s IT infrastructure are
logged and monitored. A SOC helps to prevent, detect, analyse and respond to cyber
security incidents, significantly improving your organisation’s overall cyber resilience.

VITG delivers SOC services as a key component of our comprehensive managed
security offering. Led by a team of cyber security experts, we provide strategic and
proactive solutions to ensure the protection of business, data and employees from
growing cyber threats.

Experience the benefits of proactive cyber security

protection &

A SOC can automatically detect and mitigate risks before they happen with continuous, 24/7 protection and prevention.

breach costs

Reduce the excessive costs associated with data and security breaches by quickly and effectively identifying and responding to threats in real time, thus minimising the impact and potential costs.


Ensure your business can continuously comply with all regulatory cyber security requirements.

What we deliver

24/7 Security Monitoring

Round the clock monitoring to ensure the ongoing security of IT infrastructure.

Compliance Management

Keep security up 
to standard and maintain alignment 
with regulatory requirements, including the Essential Eight.

Incident Analysis and Escalation

We understand the intensity of attacks and ensure they are handled quickly and effectively.

Trained Security Analysts

Access to a team of experienced, trained security consultants and analysts.

Security Information & Event Management (SIEM)

Manage security incidents through the real-time collection and analysis of security event data.

Security reporting

Regular reports on your organisation’s security posture, gaps, and/or threats, plus SOC performance and recommendations for improved security.

Threat Hunting, Detection
& Response

Proactive threat hunting, detection, and response – allowing for quick response to potential threats.

businesses of
all sizes


Enjoy the benefits of a SOC without having to build your own. Improve security posture, expand service offerings, and access enterprise-level cyber security at a fraction of the cost.


Benefit from 360-degree, end-to-end SOC services. Increase visibility, automation, and preventative strategies to improve cyber resilience, strengthen infrastructure and protect client data.


Elevate your management of infrastructure and big data with enhanced security and cost efficiency. Seamlessly unify and coordinate security tools, practices, and responses to tackle threats confidently.

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