With business needs ever changing and
technology evolving faster than ever, many
organisations benefit from having expert support
and guidance to help ensure their IT is up to
scratch and aligns with strategic goals.

VITG offers comprehensive and tailored consulting services to organisations seeking to
strengthen their IT systems, processes, decisions, and investments. This service enables
businesses to leverage our team’s expertise and deep IT understanding to develop
proactive strategies that align with their unique needs and goals.

Combining industry-leading expertise, practical guidance, and a forward-thinking
mindset, VITG’s consulting services ensure that our clients are equipped with the tools
and knowledge necessary to navigate the ever-changing IT and technology
landscape with confidence.

Deep expertise delivered when you need it most


Receive support customised to your business needs, challenges and goals that can flex and scale as required.


Work with a leader in cyber security to receive support and guidance to significantly improve your security posture and protect your vbusiness.


Learn from experts and improve internal skills with a focus on collaboration and knowledge transfer.


Access 20+ years of IT and technology experience from a team ranked among the world’s best performing IT companies.

What we deliver

Technology strategy alignment

Ensuring technology objectives and processes align with business goals and strategies.

IT governance and compliance

Managing and aligning IT portfolios to business objectives and regulatory compliance requirements.

IT budgeting

Planning and allocating resources for the acquisition, maintenance, upgrade, and replacement of IT infrastructure and systems.

IT performance monitoring and optimisation

Continuous tracking of IT effectiveness and efficiency and applying improvements to ensure peak performance.

IT vendor management

Selecting, managing, and developing relationships with IT vendors and providers, ensuring quality, cost-efficiency, and timely delivery.

Change management and digital transformation

Supporting the transition of individuals, teams, and organisations to a new digital environment, while optimising processes, and culture along the way.

cyber security for business
IT security and risk management

Protecting data and IT assets against threats and mitigating the impacts of potential incidents.


Assessment, analysis, audits, and strategy planning to ensure strong security posture and identify and manage risks.

Technology evaluation
and adoption

Assessing the benefits and drawbacks of new technologies and 
if/when to integrate them into existing IT landscapes.

VCIO Services

Outsourced virtual Chief Information Officer to provide strategic planning support and/or management of major IT projects.

businesses of
all sizes


VITG offers a wide range of flexible, cost-effective solutions that are tailored to your business. With everything under one roof, we are able to provide dedicated, ongoing support to match changing business needs and growth.


We have experience in scaling IT infrastructure and managing growing teams. We grow with your business, continuing to support you with specialised consulting services as you face more complex IT challenges, like system integration or growing data volumes.


As one of Australia’s leading IT consulting providers, we are experienced in managing large, complex projects and meeting highly specific needs including cybersecurity, data management, IT governance and digital transformation.

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