Thanks to digital globalization, a majority of business today are technology companies, aimed to simplify and ease our lives. Everywhere you see, companies are prioritizing IT solutions to reach their business goals. This is so that businesses can maximise operation strategies through the help of their IT systems.

At Virtual IT Group, it is our mission to provide the best IT resources to all kinds of business so they can thrive in their industry. We offer managed IT services in Sydney, Melbourne, Illawarra, and Brisbane that are accessible and affordable for all businesses and corporations.

Our team believes that a strong partnership with our clients not only helps them survive in this environment but thrive through the use of technology. Our managed services provide flexible and tailored solutions that meet the demand of network infrastructure, applications, security and day-to-day IT support.

Service Desk

Our Service Desks are comprised of highly-trained staff with years of experience in providing managed IT solutions located across Sydney, Melbourne, Illawarra, and Brisbane. Our goal is to provide you with easy access to our support team so we can solve your problems as quickly as possible.

No matter what problems you have, our expert IT department will provide solutions for the best possible outcome. We value absolute transparency, and with our monthly operational reports, it ensures you have full visibility to what is happening in your IT environment. Our experts will aid you every step of the way regardless of where you are and what IT challenges you are facing.

Disaster Recovery

We all know that technology always advances in the blink of an eye. With all the technological progress, the room for error increases. An IT mishap can prove to be detrimental to the operation of a business and it shouldn’t be taken lightly. At Virtual IT Group, one of our strongest IT support services is our Disaster Recovery.

We use technology to monitor and manage your IT environment with the utmost efficiency. We aim to find automated solutions that stop problems from happening; and restore services as quickly as possible. This is to decrease the chances of an error from happening again in the future so your business can operate smoothly.


It’s crucial to be one step ahead with your IT solutions. Updates and patches are always rolled out to continuously improve performance and experiences for the sake of businesses and consumers. This also applies to the security of your IT infrastructure as frequent updates are necessary for the longevity and quality of your IT operations.

We are an IT services provider that aims to guarantee smooth-sailing operation 24/7. Our proactive maintenance applies the latest patches, including critical and security patches, to ensure that your IT systems are up-to-date. Through our maintenance initiatives, your IT ecosystem will always be one step ahead.

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