As leaders in the delivery of ICT Managed Services, Virtual IT Group (VITG) have announced a newly formed partnership with Patonga Projects, which will focus on delivering innovative transformative technology, while ensuring that corporate, Government, and Not-for-Profit (NFP) organisations deliver on their Indigenous Procurement Policy (IPP) and Reconciliation Action Program (RAP) targets.

Patonga Projects (100% Aboriginal owned and Supply Nation Certified) offer a range of ICT consultancy, delivery and recruitment services for corporate, Government and NFP organisations.

With an aligned value set and strong focus on inclusion, VITG and Patonga Projects have partnered together to deliver on the outcomes intended under Australia’s Indigenous Procurement Policy (IPP).

Patonga have previously delivered ICT outcomes to ASIC, The NSW Aboriginal Land Council, NSW Department of Environment, Energy and Science, Transport for NSW and ZipCo. Patonga are also preferred ICT supplier panel members for all Federal and State Government departments, Lendlease, CBA, Allianz, Woolworths and the City of Sydney.

Patonga Projects Director, Brett Chamberlain said, “Through successful delivery of ICT Programs and support, our intent is to provide a broader impact to Indigenous Australia through helping organisations achieve their IPP objectives”.

With a strong presence in the NFP sector, VITG represents a cultivated passion to industry leading expertise and frontline innovation through its assiduity to technology. They provide tailored management services and support of network infrastructure, applications and security through a delivery model which is tailored to each individual client.

VITG CEO, Daniel Garcia said, “The partnership between Patonga Projects and VITG is equally aligned, with both partners committed to making a positive impact to Indigenous communities via successful IPP driven technology outcomes to Govt, NFP and Corporations.

VITG has a long history of working with NFP organisations and is committed to delivering positive community outcomes for Indigenous Australia.

The partnership with Patonga Projects will ensure VITG facilitate the achievement of IPP objectives via ICT services delivery. This will have obvious flow on effects that positively impact Indigenous communities”.

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