The increased reliance on technology plus the
rapidly increasing frequency of cyber attacks
has led cyber security to become one of the top
priorities for Australian businesses, of all sizes.

VITG is a cyber security-focused Managed Service Provider (MSP). Over the years we
have redefined the boundaries of digital defence, helping protect our clients against
digital threats by combining an intricate understanding of the evolving cyber
landscape and cutting-edge technologies and innovative strategies.

Our range of cyber security services can help you mitigate cyber threats, preserve your
critical data’s integrity, confidentiality, and availability, and help you stay ahead of the
curve of the ever-evolving cyber security landscape.

Protect your business against digital
threats with outsourced cyber security services

Reduced risk of

Reduce the risk of cyberattacks and the associated costs and/or reputation damage. Recover quickly in the event an attack does hit your business.

Cyber security

Gain access to a team of experts with years of experience, understanding of the latest threats, access to the required tools and technologies and knowledge of compliance regulations.

Cost savings

Outsourced cybersecurity services provide predictable service costs, providing a (mostly) fixed cost and
24/7 year-round coverage.

Essential 8

Essential 8 knowledge and expertise to help align your security with the ACSC’s recommended risk mitigation strategies (including RFFR) and significantly improve cyber resilience.

What we deliver

Managed Security as a Service (MSAAS)

Completely outsource your cyber security services and let VITG manage it for you. With a focus on prevention, we have industry leading cyber resilience expertise that enables us to mitigate security threats, so you can conduct your core business with peace of mind. Our comprehensive MSaaS solution includes. Includes proactive security management, incident recovery, and 24/7 support to keep your data and business fully secure.

Security Operations Centre (SOC)

Keep eyes across your entire IT infrastructure to help keep it safe, secure and operating at its best. SOC allows you to identify, manage and mitigate security gaps and threats by acting as a central security hub that monitors every logged event.

Cyber Security Training

The number one cause of data breaches is employees themselves – most often by accident. Organisational cyber security is the responsibility of everyone. Ensuring staff understand and follow cyber safe behaviours and processes is vital to the effectiveness of your cybersecurity initiatives. VITG provide expert, ongoing cyber security training (covering everything from how to spot a malicious email, setting up 2FA, how to create secure passwords and more), to help keep staff cyber aware, informed of potential threats and practicing cyber safe activities.

businesses of
all sizes


Access an entire team of experts that can support your business 24/7, ensuring cyber security and regulatory compliance are continuously managed and met. Protect data and reputation from cyber threats.


Boost your internal cybersecurity capability, with extra support from VITG. Ensure security scales as your business does, to ensure you’re always protected and ready for what’s to come.


We deliver more advanced security solutions that match the complexity of your operations and regulations. More data to protect and more customers relying on you, providing extra support and monitoring.

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