One of the biggest benefits of cloud is its
flexibility and scalability, allowing businesses to
adapt to changes in demand or periods of
growth. And one of the best ways to maximise
these capabilities in everyday business is
through a managed cloud desktop.

VITG is your partner in transforming your business operations. Our expert team
leverages the cutting-edge Azure Virtual Desktop service to bring you a managed
cloud desktop solution that puts you in control.

In today’s fast-paced business landscape, agility is the key to success. With Microsoft
Azure Virtual Desktop, you can deploy and manage virtualised desktops and
applications for your workforce, enabling them to work from any device, anywhere with
an internet connection.

The experience is no different to using a normal desktop, but provides more freedom
and better security, allowing your business to maximise cloud benefits and drive
flexibility and productivity. Containerisation enables all business data to be housed
within the virtual desktop, allowing for a more secure bring your own device (BYOD) environment.

VITG can help you to migrate and manage virtual desktop for your entire organisation,
decreasing your ongoing costs, improving data security, and ensuring all data stays
within Australia.

A better everyday work experience


Promote flexible and remote working while maintaining productivity and collaboration with full access to systems and applications.


Achieve a seamless transition with a mirrored experience to a normal desktop, with no disruption to productivity or operations and no required training.

Fully managed service

Our fully managed service, leaves your team free to focus on strategic initiatives rather than day-to-day management.


Get the benefits of cloud security for your desktops, adding the next level of security to reduce the risks of breaches.

What we deliver

Seamless Desktop Experience

Azure Cloud provides a consistent and user-friendly desktop experience, allowing employees to transition to cloud computing without disruption.

Virtual machines

No need for physical servers anymore. Setup Virtual servers and desktops for your team to work on.

Virtual network

Create a virtual technology network, to house your virtual machines. Helping to keep your data and business secure

Desktop and Application Virtualisation

Easily virtualise and deliver both desktops and applications to any device.

Simplified IT Management

VITG’s Managed Virtual Desktop solution takes care of routine IT tasks such as maintenance, updates, and patches.

businesses of
all sizes


Get expert support to move to the cloud with low upfront costs. Enjoy the improved efficiency, reduced risk, and ability to re-focus energy on your customers.


VITG can help you utilise cloud to build, innovate and grow revenue for your business. Benefit from the flexibility of adding tools and scaling features as needed to keep up with business growth.


Drive greater value from your cloud investment with support from VITG to modernise applications, launch new products and capabilities, and adopt the power of AI and machine learning.

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